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This is my ideal starter place in San Diego. Now, I know right out the gate I may not have this little gem but who knows God is kind of awesome that way so he just might work it out. Oh, yeah in case I didn’t mention it before I am moving to San Diego (hopefully will be attending SDSU for my Masters). One of the main reasons for this decision is so I can have a place where people can come stay! This time next year I should be there. Crazy

Know the difference

Awe, Aww

Their, They’re, There

Bear, Bare

Pore, Pour

Your, You’re

Know, no (This one is sad)

Regardless≠irregardless (the latter is not a word in fact it negates itself)

Wear, Where

We’re=We are, Were=something all together different

Peace, Piece

Rain, Reign

Sent, Scent

Since, Sense

More, Moor (not usually confused)

Bored, Board

Bore, Boar

For, Four

Or, Ore

Our, Are (I mean come on)

Desert, Dessert

AWOL and MIA —Please use the right context

Can’t think of anymore right now.


The English Major in Me

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